The Reporting and Analytics Center is a full ad-hoc custom reporting suite available within the UI that provides the most transparent and richest data set available. It allows partners the ability to create and schedule customized reports, ad-hoc reports, or choose from 60-plus pre-built reports all in real time, for any campaign.

  • Access to the richest data set in programmatic
  • Extract data in real-time through the UI
  • Customize reports based on filters, pivot tables, and more than 100 unique dimensions and measures
  • 92-day lookback window capability
  • Schedule reports for daily, weekly and monthly automatic delivery to a single email address or schedule group reports for a department or team
  • Create custom data visualization to make data easier to consume and analyze

Sample of standard metrics used to customize reports in real-time, at any time:

  • Spend
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Actions
  • CTR
  • CPM
  • CPC
  • CPA

Or, customize reports using filters, pivot tables, and more than 100 unique dimensions and measures, such as:

  • Ad File Type
  • Audience Insights (Demographics)
  • Goal Type
  • Daily Spend
  • Max Bid
  • Media CPM
  • Behavioral Cost
  • View Through Visits
  • Click Through Visits
  • Total Visit Rate
  • Daily Total Conversion Zone Visits
  • Geo-Conversion Lift
  • Video Completion Rate

The Reporting and Analytics Center offers over 60-plus pre-built report types, covering but not limited to:

  • Ad/Campaign Reporting
  • Audience Insights (Demographics) Reporting
  • Context Reporting
  • Data Provider Reporting
  • Device Reporting
  • Domain Reporting
  • Geo-Fence Reporting
  • Keyword Reporting
  • Location-Based Reporting
  • Retail Performance Reporting
  • Segment Reporting
  • Video Interaction Reporting
  • Viewability Reporting