Programmatic Video

Programmatic Video


What’s the point of recording a new video advertisement if no one sees it? At Idea Applications, we get your content and your message in front of potential customers who have already intended to engage with a product or service within your industry. You never knew who would see your brand – until now!


Pre-roll Video Ads

Before the show begins, you’ll take the stage. Allowing your brand to be the opening act for the content viewers are seeking gives you the opportunity to reach new potential customers.

Mid-roll Video Ads

Viewers might need a breather during those longer 20-plus-minute videos, that’s where you’ll come in.

Post-roll Video Ads

All good things must come to an end, why not let that ending be you? Play your brand’s content at the conclusion of video content to make a final, lasting impression.

Non-skippable Ads

Not so fast! Viewers can’t always get away from video ads – and those ads could be yours. By customizing content and executing strategic placements, you’ll have more opportunities to get your brand’s entire message across.

In Banner Video

We’ll even work with your brand to revamp your video content into animated banners for placement on your potential customers’ favorite websites. Get the most out of your content by allowing it to live in more spaces.